Emmett Till

In the summer of 1955, Emmett Till was a fun loving 14 year-old, who was brutally murdered for whistling at a white woman in a Mississippi store. Emmett was from Chicago and unfamiliar with Jim Crow. Simeon Wright, his cousin, says that Emmett was alone in the store for only a minute before he was sent in by relatives. Jim Crow, a racial caste system, was like an out of control pit bull.  People of African descent had different rules to follow and the pit bull (Jim Crow) enforced them. Emmett’s cousin was sent in to be sure that Emmett followed the rules of Jim Crow.

Jim Crow allowed a claim of the teen putting his arm around storekeeper Carolyn Bryant, as a defense for the men that killed him. Sixty-seven year-old Wright, told Smithsonian magazine reporter, Abby Callard, that during the time that he was with Emmett, Bryant was behind the counter. He said it was impossible for Emmett to have had his arm around her. He said as they were walking from the store, Bryant went to her car. It was then that Emmett whistled at her.

“You guys might be afraid to do something like this, but not me.” Young Emmett’s words showed that he had no idea of the consequences of his action. “When he saw our reaction, he got scared too.” Wright said.

That night Emmett was drugged from his bed by Roy Bryant, J. W. Milan, and other men. He was forced at gun point to get into a truck. The men asked the person inside the truck if they had the right boy. Emmett’s mother and cousin could hear a woman’s voice say that they did.

The men were found not guilty, but later confessed. Emmett’s mother wanted his body viewed in a glass top coffin to show the world how they had beaten her son.//

9 Responses to “Emmett Till”

  1. you see what they used to do to us if you didn’t shed a tear u r not human remember don’t whistle at white women

    • I have had more views to this one post in the last 3 days than I have had in a whole month, since I started Mijiza’s Blog. His mother had the right idea and the courage to follow through on it, to show the world what they did. No one can lie about beatings and lynchings, and no one can forget. They did this to a child!

      • unknown Says:

        I learned so much from this……… i hope other people learn a bout this pearson…….. R.I.P Emmett Till……

        • I always hope to bring information that often gets down-played or forgotten. Yes, R.I.P. Emmett Till. You will never be forgotten. It was good hearing from you.

  2. keandrea thomas Says:

    wow man that stuff is really crazy the way they use to treat us and the way they went about emmett till was really wrong they could have just beat him a lil but not enough to kill him

  3. Stefon Gunn Says:

    we should hear about Emmit Till on black history month because what they did to him makes me madder than hell. No man, woman little boy little girl, infant, deformed, or of different beiliefs should have to suffer like Till did. All we talk about is Martin Luther King , Rosa Parks, Malcom X, and other people in black history month but what about Till damn it, he should be one of the first ones to get heard, you wouldn’t want your child or loved ones to go through what he did, DO U?????

    • I understand your rage. I agree with what you are saying. That is why I had to include Emmit Till. There are so many things that are left out of history. You can believe that Till was not the only child to be treated like that.

  4. dough boy Says:

    man they so wrong of wat they did to that boy im 14 years old and if that was me i would have not ben in that situation i would have had some guns seeing how raises it was back then but god called him home and he is watching after all of his children all u have to do is call on him and ask for his protection and he’ll protect u

  5. Makes me cry every time i see it……… I have the movie. Even though it’s the tradegy is over, you still have to respect others no matter what age, race,culture. It just doesn’t make any sence to hurt and beat someone who: 1.Never did any thing to you. I still know some people who still judge others by their color. I hope people understand that god didn’t make us for that. He made us to live on earth and be happy. It was horrible how they treated african-americans in the 1900’s and 1800’s. Slavery,Segregation. WHO CARES??!?! If you don’t know them and tthey didn’t do anthing to you, why would you do such a thing??! I hope you love it in heaven Emmet. WE will all be there soon. Be patient.

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