Fore-Father, President John Hanson

It is clear that John Hanson, not George Washington, was the first president of the United States. Hanson served as president from 1781 to 1782, before the Constitution. Where history mumbled is in saying who exactly John Hanson was.

Recent reports say he was an African American. The “father” of this country was not George Washington, but an African American named John Hanson. The questions that comes to mind are “Why was this hidden?” and “Why is it being exposed now?”

Keeping it secret for over 200 years coincides with John Hanson being African American. Think of all of the African American history that has not been taught in schools. If history has hidden who first made potato chips, then why would it advertise who first presided over the country?

Did President Obama’s election upset some so badly that like children someone let it slip that he was not the first? – ♫“Oh yeah, well he’s not the first! ♪Na na de na na! ♪And you didn’t even know it!”♫

In the search for pictures, images of at least three different men were uncovered. Whatever happened, happened. We cannot go back and change it, so why not tell the truth?

What do you think? Your comments, opinions, contributions are welcomed. Do you think they stopped printing the $2 bill, in case someone asked “Who’s that?”

2 Responses to “Fore-Father, President John Hanson”

  1. I have been starting a blog on the assertion that there is an oligarchy at the heart of US Politics. In the course of this I have explored the early politicians of the US and that includes John Hanson. My conclusions are not the same as yours. I find him to be white. I believe that the photos have to be later than his day as photography was not invented in the days of the Confederation. You could look at my articla “John Hanson – Pining for the Fjords” at



    • Hi David,
      When history is told to fit an image and not necessarily the truth, you find multiple stories. I do find it interesting that there are multiple photographs, all claiming to be of John Hanson, President of the United States in Congress Assembled (which was the title during that time).

      Photography was invented and different forms of cameras were used years before the 1700’s. That is not what bothers me, it is the identification of the people in the photos.

      My research also revealed that the Hanson, known as the first president, was from Maryland. I did not see anything on his being of Swedish ancestry. Could you share where you found that? There is a picture in the Library of Congress that says “John Hanson, Senator from Bassa, Co. ” on a plate on the back. It also says that the photo was created between 1856 and 1860. Of course Hanson was president 1781 to 1782. The photo was once seen by appointment only and was part of the American Colonization Society’s records.

      The American Colonization Society was an organization that resettled African Americans to Liberia. This creates more questions than it answers. I would like to know more about the American Colonization Society and why the photo wasn’t part of public display?

      Thanks for sharing your blog site and getting me started.

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