Ugandan Landslide

Bududa, Uganda was devastated by landslides on March 2nd. Heavy down pour of El Nino rains in the Nametsi Village caused the sloping landscape to give in. Many of the village had taken shelter from the rain in the shopping center and health center when a loud noise was heard. Heavy stones were falling from the hills of Mt. Elgon. Within 10 minutes those who had taken shelter in the centers were covered by mud.

Over 10,000 people are in need of aid due to the landslides. Ugandan government is working to relocate the residents of this area. State minister David Wakikona said, “We must get these people out of the danger areas and put them where we can feed them until the rainfall season stops.”

El Nino rains are expected to continue until June. The landslides have killed 90 people and 500 are still missing. Minister Wakikona’s optimism pointed out that rains will improve agriculture and this time should be used to plant enough food to aid drought-stricken areas.

photo supplied by the Daily Nation

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