A Must Read Book

Dare to be a Man: The Truth Every Man Must Know . . . and Every Woman Needs to Know about Him is the title to Bishop David G. Evans best-selling book. In it he does one thing that makes this book a must read – that is he puts to rest the concept of a man as being one who drives an expensive car, or keeps cash in his pocket, or attracts any woman he wants.

He replaces those worthless concepts with real values that comprise an adult, man or woman.  He dedicated chapters to concepts that say a man takes responsibility for his actions, leads by example, and seeks to solve problems. His book is a great teaching tool as well as a reminder that we are never too old to learn.

The only thing I am not keen on, is the presentation of all of this in the form of a dare. Dares are to ask if you would do something outside of what is good and right. There is no need to dare here. Instead of “Dare to Praise” just say Praise, Instead of “Dare to Accept Consequences” say Accept Consequences.

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