Did You Know . . .

I write a HubPages, hub, I call Did you know . . . On there I highlight parts of African American history that has been left out of classroom American history books. This is something else that has been “conspicuously absent from view.”

Did you know that . . . Brazil has the largest population of African descendants in the Western Hemisphere? Brazil’s population of 60 million African descendants, are only second to the real thing of Nigeria’s population of 115 million Africans.

Brazil was one of the destinations of ships carrying African captives. Here it was Portuguese colonizers invading the native Brazilian population. Brazil’s history includes its own “melting pot” party line. Race and racism is not defined the same as in the United States. Many people define themselves with descriptions based on color such as Light Tan, Yellow-Brown, Black, and White. Among those who refer to themselves as white, are those who have enough African ancestry to be called Black in the United States (roughly 80 million). Census in Brazil has over 100 categories of color.

African descendants in Brazil, although are huge in numbers, take a low profile in the nation. Stars like Pele, World Cup soccer champion, Gilberto Gil, musician, and samba dancers of the Carnival celebration are front and center in the national profile. Political and commercial profiles (including television and print ads) of the country are missing of the African descent population. This is something that makes you say umm.

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