Rioters Kill 500 in Nigeria

Today in Jos, Nigeria, dump trucks carried the bodies of more than 500 victims of rioter’s machetes to mass graves. Women, children, and babies were amongst those killed. The riot took place on Sunday. No official word has been given for the reason for the outbreak. Plateau State spokesman, Gregory Yenlong said,

“Soldiers are patrolling and everywhere remains calm . . . We are estimating 500 people killed, but I think it should be a little bit above that.”

The morgue filled with tangled bodies that had been scalped, raped, and severed of hands and feet. Several factions have accused each other of exaggerating or downplaying the death toll for political ends and fear of reprisals.

Jos continues to be under a dusk-till-dawn curfew since January when religious based violence broke out.  Acting President Goodluck Jonathan is beefing up border security to prevent weapons and more fighters from entering.

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