The Wonder Twins

London’s youngest student to ever study in any British University, (at the age of 11) has twin siblings breaking her record.  Christiana, now 20, is the proud sister to twins Paula and Peter, affectionately known as the Wonder Twins.

Anne-Marie, another sister of the twins appeared with them and their father on London television to tell how they aced the University of Cambridge’s advanced mathematics exam. The parents of these young scholars immigrated to Britain from Nigeria over 30 years ago. All of the children in the family are high achievers. Their father says competition amongst the children heightens their accomplishments.

Paula confirmed her father’s observation,

“I am excited to pass, but I should have got higher than Peter.”

The children’s achievements:

  • Anne-Marie; now 20, at the age of 13 won a scholarship at John Hopkins University in Baltimore.
  • Christiana; now 17, at the age of 11was the youngest student to ever study at a British University.
  • Samantha; now 12, at the age of 6 passed two high school level mathematics and statistics exams.

Watch a clip from the broadcast . . .

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