Textbooks in Cultural War

The Texas State Board of Education is considering modifying the curriculum of its students. Parents, politicians, and others are at odds at what will be included. Textbook publishers set the standards for all textbooks based on Texas requirements since Texas is the largest customer in the world, thus making this an issue for all parents. Parents are battling for issues that they feel should be included in the social studies and history books. Some say they are trying to change history.  Others say it is time to change what has been included in history. All agree that what is included will have an effect on how the nation’s youth thinks and learns.

Take a look at the proposed changes. Proposals and Amendments

Do feel these changes are right, wrong, not enough, or what? Do you see important figures and facts in history included? Or is it the same things rearranged with one or two differences?

Would you like to see other changes made? If so, get involved. Email a board member and express your opinions sboesupport@tea.state.tx.us or call and leave a message at 512-463-9007.

Remember this does not just affect the curriculum for Texas students, but it effects the curriculum for students nationwide.

Photo by Bizness Givin 101

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