Hatshepsut – Egypt’s Female Pharaoh

Hatshepsut was the daughter of Tuthmose I, pharaoh of the 18th dynasty of Egypt, and his wife Aahmes, who was also born of royal heritage. Hatshepsut’s two brothers died young leaving her to inherit the throne. Before Hatshepsut’s rein, women rulers only rein until male family members were of age. Hatshepsut did not settle for this type of dominance. Tradition did not pass male leadership until death. Hatshepsut demanded the same respect. She ruled during a time of peace and could concentrate on building economic propriety. She ordered expeditions to what is now Somalia in search for gold, ivory, spices, aromatic trees, and exotic animals. The white trees she brought to Egypt around 1490 were used in making frankincense.  Ancient Egyptians used perfume as a medium to drift souls to heaven and to send demons and evil spirits away.

Her charisma and savvy economic moves won the hearts of the people of Egypt, although the bitterness of nephews presented hurdles that demanded more than charisma. She presented herself as a pharaoh, by wearing the traditional dress of male pharaohs; the shendyt kilt, the nemes headdress, its uraeus, khat head cloth, and false goatee.

Her nephew and others did not respect for the over 30 years that she held the title of being the greatest female ruler. Some say he did not respect her death

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