Become a Volunteer

The world needs you. Volunteer your skills, training, and experience to aid a community that is in dire need. There are advisors that will guide you to programs that assist under privileged countries around the world. One such program is the Peace Core.

The Peace Corp was created in 1961 by then Senator John F. Kennedy.

The Peace Corp consist of a diversified group of college students, people of color, married couples,  people in search of a career change, and more. The average volunteers are a 28 years old college graduate with a degree in education.  The main thing they all share is the desire to be of service to a poverty-stricken community.

As a trained Peace Corp volunteer, you will promote world peace and friendship. You will be asked to follow Peace Core expectations.

The work you will do is determined by the need of the host country and may be in any of these categories;  environmental , health, education, youth and community development; agriculture, business and information; communication technology, HIV/AIDS, or food security.

Joining the Peace Corp starts with the application,

and ends with a rewarding experience.

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