Genocide in Darfur

Darfur, Sudan, is a city in conflict that is seeing its people become displaced throughout the Sudanese borders and refugee throughout the world.  Once families flee their homes they are forced to continue to flee. If they are lucky, they find themselves safe in a new land. The road is never easy. Although, they might find themselves safe in a new land the lost of their homeland is always heartfelt.

Over 2.5 million civilians have been displaced and over 400,000 have been killed. The fighting between the government of Sudan, the Janjawid (an allied militia), and rebel groups has made civilians victims of outrageous human rights violations. Support is needed to stop the violence and stop the genocide.

2 Responses to “Genocide in Darfur”

  1. sammyljackson Says:

    There really is very little the people of Darfur can do of their situation. I’ve heard of instances where the people try to cross the border to other countries and just end up getting killed doing so. There’s this new flick coming out called Attack on Darfur which I hear depicts the horrors these people go through. Even some of the atcors are real victims of Darfur. Should be pretty powerful.

    • That is really sad. My heart cries out for them. There are several organizations that try to help that I support. I look forward to the movie. Sometimes movies shed more light on situations like this than the mainstream press. Thanks for sharing. Come back again. 😉

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