Ghana’s Spotlight on Education

Twenty-six year old Ayesha Harruna Attah and 99 year old Akasease Kofi Boakye Yiadom, both from Ghana are in the spotlight for their educational achievements.

Attah has a biochemistry degree from Mount Holyoke College; she studied journalism at Columbia University, and a fellowship from Per Ankh Publishers and TrustAfrica. Attah’s first book, Harrattan Rain was nominated by the Commonwealth Writers Foundation for Best First Book from African, 2010. Attah’s plans are to continue writing. Read more from her interview with Africa


Akasease Kofi Boakye Yiadom graduated from Presbyterian University College’s business school and says, “Education has no end.”  He went on to say, “As far as your brain can work alright, your eyes can see alright, and your ears can hear alright, if you go to school you can learn.”

Yiadom is a World World War II veteran and former teacher whose wants to see young people attend school in Ghana and remain there to benefit Ghanaians. His dream is for Ghana to improve. Yiadom would be pleased with Ayesha Harruna Attah’s decision to remain in Ghana.

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