Another Teen Tells Blacks to Leave

From 1960 to around the 1970’s African Americans were told by racist to go back to Africa.  In response to the civil rights movement racists were saying, “If you do not like it here, go back where you came from”. The ironic and almost funny thing about it was African Americans did not come here voluntarily and almost 10 years prior to this there was a “Back to Africa Movement” by blacks.

Today teens are going on supermarket public address systems and telling all Blacks to leave the store. It has happen on two occasions with the same southern New Jersey teen at a Walmart. Today a teen, this time a girl, went on a Whole Foods public address system and tells all Blacks to leave the store.

Hatred is learned. For these children to take this type of action, it means that hatred is still alive and being taught. Police say it may be a “copy cat” situation yet isn’t that how hatred is spread?

2 Responses to “Another Teen Tells Blacks to Leave”

  1. I LOVE this blog. I hate when people tell blacks to “go back to Africa”, like this is THEIR land and WE are intruding. EVERYONE here (black, white, and brown) are descendants of immigrants. The only difference is that their family came here willingly, while we were forced. The ONLY people that has ANY right to tell someone else to “go back to (insert another country)” are the Native Americans.
    There are people in this world that are so insecure that they have to find a way to make themselves feel like they are better than someone else, so they invented racism because they could not achieve esteem through their own accolades.

  2. I feel you. And thank you for expressing your passion. It seems at times that people don’t think that way any more, but when you have instances of young people making public announcements of racism, it’s obvious they learned that from someone!

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