Stop the Violence – Community Men Rally in Support

The rape of a seven year old girl in Trenton, New Jersey brought together the largest recruitment of community men to join the neighborhood watch program called the Peace Keepers. The Peace Keepers’ goal is to protect the community’s women and children.  Dennis Muhammad, founder of the Peace Keepers told a church filled with several hundred members,

“The reason we have Peace Keepers is because there is a problem across America with crime and violence. But crime and violence is not everywhere.  . . . You can’t go into a community that loves itself and brutalize it.”

Afterwards he quickly organized dozens of men to march out of the church and into the neighborhood. Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer, Russell Simmons, and contingent of the Nation of Islam’s Fruit of Islam marched with the Peace Keepers.

Russell Simmons told the crowd that they must show that love for love for our communities and they can inspire other communities. The Peace Keepers have come into communities in New York, New Orleans, and Houston with success. They start with a rally, followed by recruitment, training, and then a street corner Hour of Power. Peace keepers are trained in the proper handling of people, first aid, and self-defense.

In this case the Peace Keepers also worked with housing management to improve security. An arrest was made and the suspects are awaiting trial.

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