Crimes Committed by Whites Who Accused African American Men

White Cop Shot Himself And Blamed It On A Black Man

May 11, 2010, “A white city police sergeant made up a story about being shot by a black man while on patrol last month and actually intentionally shot himself for unknown reasons, the city’s police commissioner said Tuesday.” – Associated Press

Lady Claimed Black Man Stole Her Baby Confesses To Drowning Child in Mud

Apr 24, 2010 She told police a black man in a beige car took the kid out of the stroller. Father –in- law says she is on meds and her mental issue could be to blame  . . .” –Bossip

Bonnie Sweeten Kidnapping Hoax

May 28, 2009, “. . . a blond, blue-eyed suburban Pennsylvania mom and her little girl were reportedly snatched by two black men in a Cadillac . . . were found at Disney World.” –This Week

A Woman’s False Accusation Pains Many Blacks

October 25,1994, “. . . the lies Susan Smith told in Union, S.C., about a black man stealing her two children were not novel or new . . .” – The New York Times

On This Day: White Boston Man Kills Pregnant Wife, Blames Imaginary Black Man

“On Oct. 23, 1989, Charles Stuart shot and killed his pregnant wife, Carol Stuart. His accusation that a black man was responsible inflamed racial tensions in Boston.” –Finding Dulcinea Staff

Susan Smith

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