Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art is filled with traditional content and meaning. Art represents the beliefs of the Aboriginal people. It symbolizes Dreaming and other concepts in the Aboriginal world. Dancing, singing, bodying decorations, sand drawing, and basket weaving are all a part of Dreaming. Aboriginal art takes on many forms such as rock paintings, ground drawings, body painting and decoration. Styles, methods, materials, and meanings vary.

Contemporary methods of producing art are seen throughout central and northern Australia. Acrylic painting on canvas and many other commercial methods are being used today. The paintings still hold the same classic elements of Aboriginal life and art.

Symbols such as circles, curved lines, and straight lines are used to represent camp sites, waterholes, or places of significance. Each symbol has its own meaning. “U” shapes may represent people and straight lines may represent a traveled path. Dotted motifs and designs are trademarks of contemporary Aboriginal Art.

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