The “Importance” of Uganda in Recent Bombings

Sunday’s bombing in Uganda killed 70 people during World Cup festivities. It was breaking news both Sunday and Monday. An article by a prominent press, whose name is not important, suggested why Uganda is important. Here are the reasons it gave:

  • “Historic importance of export of coffee and fish”
  • “Current significant export of oil”
  • “Global implications for business”

Here are the reasons it missed:

  1. The population of Uganda on July 13th, 2010, was approximately 32,029, 116
  2. 50%  of the population are ages 0 to 14 years of age
  3. 47%  of the population are ages 15 to 64 years of age
  4. 2%  of the population are ages 65 and over

The article revealed that export of oil and other resources is still seen as more important than the lives of the people who live in the region of the resource. It revealed that exploitation is still alive and well.

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