African Diaspora in Asia

Many people are unaware of the African descent population of Asia. Asia has the second largest population of people of African descent. Five hundred million descendents of Africa create the African Diaspora in Asia.

Colonial influences tried to divide African descendants living in Asia from their roots and fellow victims of the African Diaspora. Nevertheless, African descendants have lived in Asia for thousands of years.     ********************************************************************************************************************************************

These descendents are at home in:

  • Philippines
  • Laos
  • Vietnam
  • Burma
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Kampuchea
  • Thailand
  • Southern China

Whereas, technically New Guinea is located in the Oceanic region, due to the current conflict between African descendants in New Guinea islands and Indonesia, they are included with the aboriginals of Asia. New Guinea has been colonized many times during the following time frames:

  • In 1512, the Portuguese arrived and soon seized and colonized Timor
  • In 1528, the Spanish seized the Philippines which were inhabited by blacks
  • In 1545, the Spanish claimed the territory and named it Nueva (New) Guinea due to a resemblance to the people of the Guinea Coast in West Africa
  • In 1600, the Dutch arrived and overtook the Spanish and the Portuguese
  • In 1688, the British arrived and began to compete with Holland
  • In 1871, the Russians attempted to gain territory
  • In 1876, the Italians attempted to gain territory
  • In 1788, the French arrived and claimed Bougainville Islands
  • In 1834, Holland and Britain agreed to split the island join in opposing third parties
  • In 1883, the British began massive deportation of Papuan slaves to their Australian colonies, it was called ‘Blackbirding’
  • In 1834, the Germans claimed Northeastern New Guinea
  • In 1888, the northeastern territory of the island was called German New Guinea, southern territory was called British New Guinea, and the western territory was called Dutch New Guinea
  • In 1902, British Papua New Guinea ceded to Canberra
  • In 1906, Australians replaced the British, and it became Australia Papua New Guinea
  • In 1942, Japanese invaded the island
  • In 1945, the U.S. invaded the island and retook the west for the Dutch and the east for the Australians
  • In 1949, West Papua became independent of the Dutch and Indonesia took over
  • In 1962, Holland pulled out of the island
  • In 1969, Indonesia and the Dutch signed an agreement for the Dutch to turn over West Papua to Indonesia and to allow African descends to determine if they wanted to be part of Indonesia or independent

Just as with so many of the African Diaspora, African Asians endure discrimination and in some countries, they have suffered what amounts closely to genocide.

4 Responses to “African Diaspora in Asia”

  1. I did so enjoy reading this article… as I have many others that you have written in the past…I must say that although I was aware of the presence of people of African descent in Asia; I would never have guessed that Asia’s African population is only second to Africa. How very interesting…Thank you for your passionate heart’s cry.

  2. There are many amazing facts concerning the African Diaspora. It is a building topic. In terms of numbers, just think of the strength there would be in uniting the displace children of Africa and all countries of Africa into one voice! Thank you for your support!

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