African Descendants in Chile

Chile’s economy was not depended on the free labor of slaves. Because of this Chile was the second country in the new world to end and eventually abolish slavery. An estimated 5,000-20,000 enslaved Africans were brought to Chile during the mid-16th century. By the early eighteenth century there were only 4,000 freed slaves living in Chile. Some legends say the missing former slaves fought and died as solders. It is most likely that interracial marriages caused changes in census statistics.

The children of interracial marriages created a census category called mulattos. In the mid-eighteenth century, there were almost 20,000 mulattos in Chile. The number grew to 30,000 by the nineteenth century.

Historically, governments have tried to portray Chile as a country of European descent. The African descent presence and contributions were ignored. In 2001, the Oro Negro, Black Gold, organization was formed to recognize the African presence in Chile.

3 Responses to “African Descendants in Chile”

  1. did you vote for obama? be honest

  2. Whiteman Says:

    Inter-racial marriages? these African women were raped. Since when did white men fall in love with black women? You just want to make Chile look like a nice country. Chile has the blood of the natives Chileans and of the African slaves in their hands.

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