Breast Ironing – See the Fear?

See the fear in their eyes?

See the fear in the mother’s eyes . . .

She fears her daughter will be subject to sex far too early in life. She fears her daughter’s maturing body will attract men seeking to exploit her. Her fear stems from feelings of helplessness due to a lack of resources. She fears her daughter’s natural development will lead to unnatural acts of gender violence, rape, and early pregnancy. Her fear is fed by accepted traditions and her desire to take action. She fears the consequences of being a weak mother, who does nothing to protect her daughter. Yet, she fears her actions may be wrong.

See the fear in the daughter’s eyes . . .

While young her fears are simple ones. She fears the burning of the stone. She fears punishment for the crime of being a girl from the hands of her mother, who loves her. As she grows she will fear sex, fore it must be worst than what was done to her so to protect her from it.  She will fear how she will be perceived by a husband when the time is right.

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