Acid Attack Falsely Reported / Imaginary Black Man is off the Hook

Oregon woman claim of an acid attack proves to be a hoax. This time the imaginary black man is off the hook. She blamed it on an imaginary black woman. Bethany Storro doused her face with acid and used money donated by the sympathetic public to go on a shopping spree. One month after having a chemical peel in a doctor’s office, she claims she doused her face because she wanted a new face. She also claims she had a feeling she would need sunglass; the sunglasses saved her vision. Discrepancies such as these cause the people to question her story. The incident happened at night. Hoax crimes committed by men and women who blame it on an imaginary black man (this time an imaginary black women) is not unusual.

1.    In 1989, Charles Stuart shot himself and his pregnant wife and blamed it on the imaginary black man.

2.    In 1994, Susan Smith rolled her car into a lake with her young children strapped in it; she blamed it on the imaginary black man.

3.    In 2008, Ashley Todd carved a mirror-imaged,  letter ‘B’ into her face and yes; she blamed the imaginary black man who was supposed to have been a Barack Obama supporter.

4.    In 2003, Brian Wells walked into a bank with a bomb around his neck and claim a group of imaginary black men made his do it.

Blaming the imaginary black man, men, or woman is evidence of an ideology that reflects racism. The ideology maybe that people of African descent are most believable to have committed these crimes; beware of men (and now women too) of African descent; or all people of African descent look alike thus this occupy authorities’ time. In many cases blaming the imaginary black man has caused a disruption in the black community with law enforcement.

Bethany Storro faces charges for faking the attack. She is also facing possible infections while healing as well as permanent scars from the acid burns.

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