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UNiTE to End Violence Against Women Campaign

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The United Nations Secretary General will launch the UNiTE to End Violence Against Women Campaign in November. The Caribbean project of the United Nations Secretary General will provide participants an opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and make a collective move forward.

Barbados will host a conference on October 11th -12th which the Attorney General, members of the judiciary, senior representatives of regional police forces and members of civil society organizations will attend. The theme of the conference is:

“Strengthening Accountability and Changing Culture to End Violence against Women in the Caribbean.”

Michelle Gyles-McDonnough, UN residence coordinator for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, expressed her delight with the attendance of:

  • Caribbean nationals
  • President of the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
  • Judge Patrick Robinson – former Jamaican Deputy Solicitor General and President of the International Tribunal for Rwanda
  • Sir Dennis Byron – former Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and native of Saint Kitts and Nevis

The International Criminal Tribunals have investigated sexual violence in relation to torture and crimes against humanity.

Roberta Clarke, Regional Programme Director for the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM, a part of UN Women) said,

“So one of the questions the Presidents will be addressing will be, ‘What are the lessons that have been learnt at the international level, and how can those lessons be translated in strengthening the law response at the national domestic levels?’ Through their participation here at the conference, we hope very much for their reflections on the relationship between ending violence against women, strengthening democracy, citizenship and human rights”

For more information contact:

UNIFEM (part of UN Women) VAW Specialist, Tonni-Ann Brodber at



Communications Specialist, Sharon Carter-Burke at



Violence Against Women and Girls Rises in Haiti

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Natural disasters leave society’s most vulnerable at a higher risk of violence. Those without principles and those who have given up on decency victimize the young and the elderly. They prey on girls and women. Security is destroyed in homes without doors. Since the earthquake in Haiti, attacks on girls and women are raped, harassed, and beaten at a devastating rate. Haitians still living in tent camps outnumber the Haitian police, UNIFEM, and UN police that patrol them.

Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA)

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Do you know the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, MoCADA? It is located at 80 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, New York. It was founded in 1999 by its Executive Director, Laurie Cumbo. Originally  located in Bedford-Stuyvesant, in 2006, with the help of a cultural affairs grant from New York City and private money, it relocated.

Its mission is to ‘rewrite history’ so to give an accurate account of the historical, artistic, and cultural contributions of people of African descent to the world. Due to the arrogance of racism many of these facts were never documented or celebrated as achievements of the descendants of Africa.

‘Ain’t I a Woman’, a group exhibit featuring paintings, videos, and works of mixed media is currently on display until December 19, 2010. Featured artists include:

  • Eric Alugas
  • Andrea Chung
  • Elizabeth Colomba
  • William Mwazi
  • Kenya (Robinson)
  • Phoenix Savage
  • Damali Abrams
  • Francis Simeni

The exhibit offers an insight on African Diasporan Women as they choose to be seen. Its name was borrowed from an 1885 speech given by Sojourner Truth. The exhibit is in keeping with her work as an activist to promote taking ownership of one’s image and identity.

For more details contact MoCADA

The Rastafari Movement

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The Rastafari Movement was founded by Marcus Garvey who is considered a prophet in the movement. In 1927, he foresaw the crowning of a king in Africa who would be a messiah all people of African descent.

The movement was named for Ras Tafari Makonnen, who was crowned Emperor Haile Selassie I [meaning Might of the Trinity] of Ethiopia in 1930. It is believed that Emperor Haile Selassie is that messiah. Some sectors of Rastafari refer to him as Jah, or God. However, Selassie always denied a divine status. Garvey regarded him as a failed leader.

Garvey was an early nationalist who recognized the harm slavery and colonialism had done to the minds of African descendents in the Diaspora.  From 1919 to 1926, he led the Back to Africa Movement in response to the poverty, racism, and discrimination that existed in Jamaica during the 1920’s and 30’s.

The Holy Piby was published in 1924 as the sacred text used by Rastafarians. It is called the Black Man’s Bible because it has been removed of deliberate distortions made during translation. It was compiled by Robert Athlyi Rogers from 1913 to 1917.

Beliefs and Practices

  • Beliefs are based on Christianity and Judaism
  • Old Testament Laws
  • Physical and spiritual concept of immortality called Everliving
  • Concept of oneness between God and humanity called I and I
  • Dreadlocks
  • Informal gatherings to smoke ganga (marijuana) partake in discussion called reasoning.
  • Use of marijuana as an holy herb during rituals, holidays, and for medical uses


November 6th – Selassie’s Coronation

January 6th – Selassie’s Ceremonial Birthday

April 21 – Selassie’s Visit to Jamaica

July 23rd – Salassie’s Birthday

August 1st Jamaican from Slavery

August 17th – Marcus Garvey’s Birthday

Global Racism Directed At Descents of Africa

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Have the descents of Africa been a global target of racism? If so why? The issue of racism has often been addressed. Focus has been placed on the injustice of it, areas where racism manifests itself, and combating it. Seldom do we focus on why it was created, why it still exists, or why its targeted races are chosen.

Ignoring these essential questions allows the continued growth of racism, because it allows the survival of the root. What is at the root of racism?  Consider these components:

  1. Basis – Ignorance and Arrogance
  2. Division – Based on Differences
  3. Justification – Absents of Guilt

Racism is based on not understanding groups of people different from you. Couple ignorance with feelings of superiority to the new group, and the result is arrogance. There is usually an economic basis to institutionalized racism. History reveals greed as a consistent factor.

Historical Examples of Greed

Descents of Africa have been targets of this sort of racism for centuries. Proclaiming these groups as less than human justified the continued discrimination and inhumane treatment. Examples of this sort of racism can be found globally.

In an article on racism, Anup Shah said this about racism . . .

“Racism and discrimination have been used as powerful weapons encouraging fear or hatred of others in times of conflict and war, and even during economic downturns.”

SocialVibe and Charity: Water in Ethiopia

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SocialVibe  is a social media with the mission to empower sponsors of charities of “their” choice.  You can be a part of this. Help send girls to school in Africa. It is free. Take part in a few simple activities on the SocialVibe banner on my sidebar.  It is fun and it  will only take a few seconds. Do you have a blog or website? Add SocialVibe to your sidebar.  Join SocialVibe.  Enrich someone’s life.

World Vision Micro: How it works

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Empower men and women living in poverty by funding small loans. Help an entrepreneur of your choice with an sound business idea, but no access to credit and a traditional loan. Here’s how it works . . .

Fund a loan
Give a Gife Card