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Pastor’s Work Brings Joy!

Posted in Awareness, CULTURE, Mother Africa with tags , , , on April 14, 2010 by Mijiza Zeyzey

Pastor Morie S. Ngobeh counsels those addicted to drugs and suffering from mental illness at a center in of Freetown, Sierra Leone. His work has caused him to be stabbed and spat on, stoned, and insulted, yet he is still able to have “patience and empathy”.

He says,

“God just put this burden on my heart. I went to Bible College to pursue pastoral work. One day I saw small boys in the street; I was curious what they were up to so I approached them. They insulted me saying, ‘ We don’t want any policemen around here.’ I told them I was not a policeman. They said I was lying and told me to leave. I insisted I was not police. Then they said, ‘Buy some bread for us.’ I did.”

These kids had been smoking cannabis. Some lived on the streets. Pastor Ngobeh started visiting them and in some cases he invited them to his home. He counseled with them and worked on getting them back with their parents. This was the start of his work. He finds joy in seeing them turn their lives around. Those who he has helped are grateful and never forget him.

“When they quarrel, I make peace . . .”