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The Sounds of Music

Posted in Mother Africa, NEWS with tags , , , on April 14, 2010 by Mijiza Zeyzey

Can you imagine a world without music? In Mogadishu music has been banned. People who have not been displaced were left in a world without music. Broadcasters from the 16 area stations could not imagine a world without music. As a solution they are mocking music with the sounds that they hear every day . . . gunfire, croaking frogs, and crowing cockerels. Very creative, very ironic!

Music was banned by Hibul Islam and Al-Shabab Islamist groups, two groups that have been in conflict with the government for many years. Most of the radio stations are complying with the ban. Radio Mogadishu, a government owned station is still playing music.

One civilian’s reaction . . .

“This morning, when I turned on the radio, the first thing I heard was the sound of gunfire and I was not sure what was happening until a reporter explained what they were doing. I laughed so hard. I actually have some friends who are enjoying the new tunes.”

No one is sure how long the ban or the response to the ban will last. One broadcaster said, “They may decide to ban these sounds also.”

More Controversy – Banning the Hiqab

Posted in Awareness, CULTURE, NEWS with tags , , , on March 31, 2010 by Mijiza Zeyzey


A controversy is brewing in Montreal, Canada, over wearing the traditional Muslin veil called a hiqab in government forums. A student’s refusal to remove her hiqab in school caused her repeated expulsions and spearheaded the controversy. A bill is being considered to address showing your face in government agencies.

This instance reminds me of a February post concerning Sudanese, Muslin women wearing pants in public places. These women were arrested and sentenced to be flogged for indecent exposure. The question then was, “Is this indecent or unjust?”

It is still a question of justice for women’s rights. If a woman chooses to wear pants or a veil, she should have that right. I do not see any government addressing the apparel of a man.