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End Malaria is part of World Vision’s global effort to end preventable child deaths. Over 24,000 children under age 5 will die in a day from preventable diseases. A global movement of governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), and average citizens are responding to make a difference.

There is a solution! Malaria prevention and treatment options include:

  • Distributing insecticide-treated bed nets
  • Educating communities
  • Managing the environment
  • Treating pregnant mothers
  • Providing anti-malaria drugs
  • Providing case management and referrals to patients

World Vision is asking for your help. Join the campaign to hold governments and world leaders to their promises to distribute these low- cost solutions.

via World Vision’s Campaign to End Malaria.

Respect Yourself!

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New York State Senator Eric Adams is sponsoring a campaign to raise the consciousness of youth by clarifying the message sagging pants send. Sen. Adams posted two billboards in Brooklyn, New York, and says more are coming.

Women do not find it attractive, manly, or any other misconception young men might have. Respect is not trendy and does not change as styles and fads change.

Sen. Adams is asking others in the community to speak to youth about the meaning of respect, for you, and for others.