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Blood or Conflict Diamonds of Africa

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Diamonds are precious stones that historically have been the product of child labor, poverty victims, and environmental rape. The proceeds of these stones have been used to fuel exploitation, discrimination, and  violence in  the very countries that produce them. The glitter of these stones blind owners of its bloody background.


In recent years, civil conflicts such as the one Sierra Leone experienced, gained global attention to what is being called conflict or blood diamonds. An international response to the buying, selling, and trading of conflict stones has produced new laws and guidelines.

The “Importance” of Uganda in Recent Bombings

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Sunday’s bombing in Uganda killed 70 people during World Cup festivities. It was breaking news both Sunday and Monday. An article by a prominent press, whose name is not important, suggested why Uganda is important. Here are the reasons it gave:

  • “Historic importance of export of coffee and fish”
  • “Current significant export of oil”
  • “Global implications for business”

Here are the reasons it missed:

  1. The population of Uganda on July 13th, 2010, was approximately 32,029, 116
  2. 50%  of the population are ages 0 to 14 years of age
  3. 47%  of the population are ages 15 to 64 years of age
  4. 2%  of the population are ages 65 and over

The article revealed that export of oil and other resources is still seen as more important than the lives of the people who live in the region of the resource. It revealed that exploitation is still alive and well.

Global Racism Directed At Descents of Africa

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Have the descents of Africa been a global target of racism? If so why? The issue of racism has often been addressed. Focus has been placed on the injustice of it, areas where racism manifests itself, and combating it. Seldom do we focus on why it was created, why it still exists, or why its targeted races are chosen.

Ignoring these essential questions allows the continued growth of racism, because it allows the survival of the root. What is at the root of racism?  Consider these components:

  1. Basis – Ignorance and Arrogance
  2. Division – Based on Differences
  3. Justification – Absents of Guilt

Racism is based on not understanding groups of people different from you. Couple ignorance with feelings of superiority to the new group, and the result is arrogance. There is usually an economic basis to institutionalized racism. History reveals greed as a consistent factor.

Historical Examples of Greed

Descents of Africa have been targets of this sort of racism for centuries. Proclaiming these groups as less than human justified the continued discrimination and inhumane treatment. Examples of this sort of racism can be found globally.

In an article on racism, Anup Shah said this about racism . . .

“Racism and discrimination have been used as powerful weapons encouraging fear or hatred of others in times of conflict and war, and even during economic downturns.”

Economic Slavery

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Economic slavery can be defined as wage slavery or economic oppression. It is the systematic oppression of a people through sub-standard wages for their labor. Laborers strapped within economic slavery work extremely hard and earn very little.

Economic slavery discriminates on the basis of nationality, race, religion, and sex. It is an evolution of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. And it is legal!

Why is it legal? – It is disguised as “underdevelopment” of a nation or group. It is actually the systematic exploitation of that nation or group for gross profit.


Global Spending Priorities in 1998

  • United States spent 8 billion USD on cosmetics
  • Europe spent 11 billion USD on ice cream
  • United States and Europe spent 12 billion USD on perfumes
  • United States and Europe spent 17 billion USD on pet foods
  • Japan spent 35 billion USD in business entertainment
  • Europe spent 50 billion USD on cigarettes
  • Europe spent 105 billion USD on alcoholic drinks
  • The world spent 400 billion USD on narcotics drugs
  • The world spent 780 billion USD on military spending

Global Social Service Spending Priorities for Developing Countries in 1998

  • 6 billion USD spent on basic education for all
  • 9 billion USD spent on water and sanitation for all
  • 12 billion USD spent on reproductive health for all women
  • 13 billion USD spent on basic health and nutrition

Examine how many nations or groups of people whose lives are stunted by economic slavery live within a country that is rich in natural resources. Examine how these groups of people remain limited in education and “development”. Observe how these nations or groups struggle with conflicts that ultimately limits their development.

Watch this video to see a close up of the effects of economic slavery and what we can do about it.