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Protecting Women’s Health Protects the Future of Nations

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Women’s health has recently topped the global news. There have been a number of campaigns for women’s health. The reason for this is a growing awareness that healthy women mean healthy nations.

Global awareness of this has prompted actions from the United Nation, Non-Government Organizations, NGOs, and nations such as the United States, Canada, and Great Britain. Even poorer nations, such as Cuba, are donating to nations under their level of poverty.

Just this past week a global conference, Women Deliver 2010, brought together 3,500 women’s health professionals and leaders from 150 countries. Drafts, plans, and women’s health needs of these counties were deliberated.

Problems addressed included:

  • Access to health care providers (such as  clinics and hospitals)
  • Reducing maternal mortality
  • Providing family planning means and opportunities
  • HIV/AIDS clinics open to both men and women (together)

Many of the world’s poorest nations are home to women of African descent. The outcome of these efforts will have an effect on the future of global people of African descent. To ignore this issue is to support genocide.

Health Care

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If you have private health insurance you might think health care reform will only raise taxes. If you are earn enough to pay for health care without insurance, you might think health care reform will only raise taxes. Take a look at the numbers and see how wide spread the problem is. Is anyone really immune to the possibility of being included in these numbers?

Health Disparities for African Americans

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Health disparities are population specific diversities involving disease, healthcare, and outcome. Among the African American population aids, asthma, coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, sickle cell anemia, and stroke are intensely impacted by disparities.   For example, the African American population experiences:

  • Diabetes about 70% more than white Americans.
  • Infant mortality about twice as much as white Americans.
  • Cancer survival rates of about 15% lower than white Americans.


What Is Being Done

Community health programs stress prevention and control of chronic diseases. Education and screening efforts are up. Pharmaceuticals are reaching out to aid those who cannot afford their medications. Research has become part of doctors’ clinical practice.

What You Can Do

  • Know your risk. Many of these diseases are hereditary, so know your family history.
  • Avoid unhealthy habits. Do not become vulnerable due to unhealthy habits. That includes cigarette smoke and alcohol. Exercise instead.
  • Be aware of your ph level. High acidity creates a suitable atmosphere for disease.  Low alkaline diets and plenty of distilled water will help keep your ph level in balance.

Photo by Deborah Mazon