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Cuba’s Compassion Makes Headlines

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Australia Extols Cuba’s Humanism

Habana, Cuba, June 11 – “The Australian government extolled Cuba’s humanitarian work and reiterated is opposition to the economic, financial and commercial blockade . . .” – Radio Cadena Agramonte

Zambian Parliamentarian Thanks Cuba for its Solidarity

Havana, Cuba, June 11– “Mutale Nallumango, Vice-president of Zambia’s National Assembly, thanked Cuba on Thursday in this capital for its solidarity with her country, one of the poorest in Africa.” –Radio Cadena Agramonte

Cuba Says World Efforts against HIV-AIDS Pandemic Are Insufficient

Havana, Cuba, June 10 – “Cuba warned on Wednesday that the HIV-AIDS pandemic is growing at an impressive pace while goals and worldwide plans to fight this scourge are not observed or complied with.” – Cuban News Agency

Cuba frees paraplegic dissident Ariel Sigler

“The Cuban government has freed a jail dissident and moved six others to jails closer to their homes.” – BBC News

Cuba: Dissidents Support U.S. Bill

“Seventy-four Cuban opposition activists signed a letter Thursday supporting a bill in the United States Congress that would lift the American ban on travel to Cuba and increase American food exports to the island.” – The Associated Press

Cuba Generously Gives to Botswana

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Botswana’s President, Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama said that Cuba’s assistance to his country is enormous and decisive. He went on to say,

“Sometimes, in Africa, we receive millions of dollars from rich countries. However, proportionally speaking, Cuba give us a lot more than anybody else.”

Lieutenant General Khama arrived in Havana on Monday for a three day visit. Tuesday he paid tribute to Cuban internationalist who died fighting for the independence of others. His words of tribute . . .

“In our continent, we recognize and thank the sacrifice of the Cuban people in favor of the stability and independence of the peoples of our region.”

This is the president’s second trip to Cuba; his first trip was in 2007.