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Safeguarding Dignity of Haiti Earthquake Victims

Posted in Humanity, Latin America, NEWS with tags , , , on June 4, 2010 by Mijiza Zeyzey

Humanitarians are turning to standards set by the Sphere Project to safeguard the dignity of Haiti’s earthquake victims. The Sphere Project is a handbook created from the collaboration of hundreds on Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), UN agencies, and academics.

Currently a team of quality and accountability experts are in Haiti to monitor the adherence to the Sphere standards by all agencies that provides water, food, shelter, and sanitation facilities.

Nicholas Brooks, NGO coordinator of Oxfam-Great Britain said,

“The overall success of the humanitarian community in ensuring attainment of Sphere should never be judged simply by reference to [generic] quantitative indicators. For example, we measure our WASH [water, sanitation, hygiene] achievements not only through records of liters of water supplied to camps and number of latrines, but also through water use surveys and sanitation monitoring, which  homes to access alternative water supplies and more familiar toilet facilities.”

A maximum of 20 people use each toilet and plans of gradually improving are underway.

Egyptian Government Tighten Reins on Aid Agencies

Posted in Humanity, NEWS with tags , , on April 13, 2010 by Mijiza Zeyzey

The Egyptian government wants to tighten the control of NGOs, Non-Governmental Organizations with a bill in draft for a new law. NGO workers and others working for civil society freedom oppose the bill.

Head of a local NGO, the Cairo Centre for Human Rights, Baheieddin Hassan says,

“Egypt’s civil society is crippled already with laws that curb its freedom. The new law will inhibit civil society even more by doing what amounts to nationalizing it.”

The new bill will appoint a government association called the General Federation for Civil Society Organizations to authorize the work of local NGO’s. It will give the government the right to intervene in board elections of local NGO’s.

Opposition feels the bill is an effort to mute strong human rights movements composed of NGO’s and advocacy groups that have remained independent of government control in Egypt.