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FBI Joins Investigation of Prince County Police

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On March 3, a University of Maryland student was severely beaten by police and the incident was caught on video. Outrage of the video led to the suspension of at least one of the officers involved.

The incidence occurred during a basketball victory celebration. The student is seen skipping down the sidewalk when several officers approach on horseback. The officers  attack the student with clubs. At least three officers continue beating him after he is unconscious. Terrell Roberts, attorney for the student said on (CBS) The Early Show, that his client was told not to report his injuries.

Rich Wolf, FBI spokesman said that the video and all the events of the night are being reviewed. A Justice Department spokesman said they will also view it.

Peaceful Protesters Beaten in Cairo

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Over 90 protesters were arrested and beaten for demonstrating for political reform in Cairo, Egypt Tuesday. A 29 year government imposed state of emergency was at the heart of the protest.

Protesters gathered along the main points in Cairo and in a number of universities and were met by heavy security. Several arrests were made in Alexandria train station. Detainees were ordered to hand over cell phones and identification. Many were beaten, kicked, and threatened with knives by plain clothe security. Some were reported to be seriously injured.

Television and newspaper reporters were barred from covering the protest. Journalists’ and photographers’ equipment was confiscated.

Malcolm Smart, Middle East and North Africa Director of Amnesty International said, “The Egyptian authorities should demonstrate their commitment to human rights by allowing and protesting peaceful protests. This intimidation of opposition activists and government critics must end immediately.”

Police Taser Teen

Posted in Humanity, NEWS with tags , on January 25, 2010 by Mijiza Zeyzey

Jordon Miles, diligent student of Pittsburgh’s esteemed Creative and Performing Arts High School, was shot by police with a stun gun while walking to his grandmother’s. Photo taken by his mother, Terez Miles, shows that teen was severely beaten and the bald spot where police tore out his hair.

The incident happened January 11, down the block from his home. Jordon says that three men in plain clothes approached him as he walked. He says they yelled “Where’s the drugs, where’s the gun, where’s the money?” The teen ran, thinking that he was at risk. Officers Michael Saldutte, Richard Ewing, and David Sisak said in their criminal report that was leaning against a house,  trying to avoid being seen. After seeing a large object in the teen’s coat, they identified themselves and started to question the teen, but he ran. Jordon has no prior arrests or incidents with the police. The officers claim Jordon began elbowing and kicking them when they caught up with him. Both, the officers and the teen, agree that Jordon was tasered and struck several times to the face and head.

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl says it is “it seems that it was a tremendous amount of force used and the question now is,  was it an appropriate use of force . . .”  Currently the officers have been reassigned. They did not show for the January 21, hearing which has been postponed to February 18. Kerry Lewis, Jordon’s attorney, says the postponement form read, “Victims aren’t here.” The victim, Jordon Miles, was present.

Photo by Terez Miles