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More Controversy – Banning the Hiqab

Posted in Awareness, CULTURE, NEWS with tags , , , on March 31, 2010 by Mijiza Zeyzey


A controversy is brewing in Montreal, Canada, over wearing the traditional Muslin veil called a hiqab in government forums. A student’s refusal to remove her hiqab in school caused her repeated expulsions and spearheaded the controversy. A bill is being considered to address showing your face in government agencies.

This instance reminds me of a February post concerning Sudanese, Muslin women wearing pants in public places. These women were arrested and sentenced to be flogged for indecent exposure. The question then was, “Is this indecent or unjust?”

It is still a question of justice for women’s rights. If a woman chooses to wear pants or a veil, she should have that right. I do not see any government addressing the apparel of a man.