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Violence Against Women and Girls Rises in Haiti

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Natural disasters leave society’s most vulnerable at a higher risk of violence. Those without principles and those who have given up on decency victimize the young and the elderly. They prey on girls and women. Security is destroyed in homes without doors. Since the earthquake in Haiti, attacks on girls and women are raped, harassed, and beaten at a devastating rate. Haitians still living in tent camps outnumber the Haitian police, UNIFEM, and UN police that patrol them.

UN Calls DR Congo “Rape Capital of the World”

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UN Calls DR Congo “Rape Capital of the World”
Margo Wallstrong, UN representative, said that more than 8000 women were raped in 2009, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She called the DR Congo the rape capital of the world. Wallstrong went on to say . . .

“Women have no rights, if those who violate their rights go unpunished . . . If women continue to suffer sexual violence, it is not because the law is inadequate to protect them, but it is inadequately enforced.”

The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative reported 60% of rape victims in South Kivu, (eastern DR Congo) were gang raped by armed men.

The UN has been:

• Escorting women to the market
• Working with local officials
• Developing early warning systems

Rebels from the 1994 Rwanda genocide are now in eastern DR Congo. Monuc troops are fighting them.